Case Study

Henley Festival

The Henley Festival regularly attracts the world’s top talent to its illustrious floating stage. Luminaries to have graced it include Lionel Richie, Spandau Ballet and Jessie J – and that was just the headliners of 2015.

After the entertainment on the main stage and the fireworks have finished, it’s up to Eight Ray to help create a party atmosphere within the festival’s Bedouin Tent.

With Eight Ray Acts already booked for 2016, the humble beginnings of Eight Ray’s partnership with Henley Festival actually began four years earlier.

Having identified Henley Festival as a local event that Eight Ray wished to be involved with, a cold call and a meeting with the festival’s art director, Stewart Collins, gave Eight Ray Director, JJ, the opportunity to offer his eclectic roster.

Impressed with the meeting, Stewart commissioned Junior Guevarra to play within the Bedouin Tent during the 2013 festival.

Stewart has scheduled Junior Guevarra every year since. A great testament to the band’s ability to fulfil the brief of getting people dancing within a party like atmosphere. But the repeat booking is especially amazing when you appreciate that Stewart rarely books the same act twice, let alone four years in a row.

The reason for the repeat is because Junior Guevarra don’t just meet the brief they exceed it by providing a raw energy and unique, edgy sound that is evocative of the festival itself.

This is something that other Eight Ray acts appearing in the tent have been able to replicate, with the likes of The Revue, Mi’das and Jamie Bruce affording spectacular performances at the festival.

Admirably, the festival also provides an opportunity for original and local talent to show their worth in the Bedouin stage during the ‘Early’ session. This has allowed Eight Ray to showcase the talents of Etham Basden.

The success enjoyed by the bands has assured Stewart of the consistently exceptional quality of Eight Ray’s roster.

As such, Eight Ray were also tasked with providing entertainment for the Water Pavillion at the 2015 incarnation of the festival. This allowed the incredibly talented DJ collective Baller Sounds to showcase their skills.

During the same year Eight Ray received five slots for the Bedouin Tent; two more than at the agency’s first appearance in 2013.

The feedback year on year has been incredibly positive from festival and festival goers alike, ensuring that Eight Ray Music remain trusted suppliers to a festival that continues to welcome only the very best in entertainment.

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