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Keith Prowse

“Music is so fundamental to the overall customer experience, it is crucial that you find the right partner. JJ and his team make it easy to find the right artist, with the right attitude, to play at our events. They are punctual, on budget and always deliver the right talent to match the audience.”
Nick Gratwick, Head of Events – Keith Prowse

A Brief Overview

Eight Ray Music have partnered Keith Prowse for four years now. In this time Eight Ray’s remit has expanded from providing a single duo during Henley Regatta, to providing multiple acts for Keith Prowse corporate enclosures for the duration of the Wimbledon & AEGON championships, Cheltenham Festival and the Epsom Derby.

The Beginning – Henley Royal Regatta

Impressed with Eight Ray Music’s knowledge of and proximity to the Henley Royal Regatta, Keith Prowse were happy to receive a quote from Eight Ray regarding their two riverside venues: Temple Island and Fawley Meadows.

The Henley Regatta brief Keith Prowse provided to Eight Ray was simple: provide atmospheric background music that would seamlessly blend into the environment.

The Proposal

Classical jazz acts had previously entertained each enclosure. Whilst the team acknowledged the need for something different, they were keenly aware of the popularity of Keith Prowse’s exceptional hospitality.

To this end, they decided to offer Keith Prowse a Gypsy Swing Jazz Duo. This kept the tradition of offering a jazz act, yet added a slightly more upbeat dimension to the performance without it becoming too overbearing.

The result was a relaxed and positive ambience within the enclosures for the duration of the regatta.

The Progression

The Gypsy Swing Jazz Duo’s ability to create a relaxed yet fun atmosphere contributed to the success of another stunning corporate experience. Subsequently, Keith Prowse were keen to maintain the flourishing relationship with Eight Ray Music and tasked the agency with providing acts for a second year running.

Never satisfied and always wishing to add more value to each event they provide for, the team devised a strategy to improve the entertainment.

The team achieved this by offering different musicians for the second year. The idea was to use JJ himself as a solo act with partial support from the talented Stevie Jones on Saxophone and keys.

The team chose each act based on their extensive knowledge of corporate events. They were aware that, whilst it was traditional to afford classical acts within corporate enclosures, many guests were keen to hear popular songs they knew and loved.

Able to provide vocals to such songs without being too intrusive, JJ and Stevie proved to be another innovative and successful recommendation by the Eight Ray team; Keith Prowse booked JJ for the duration of the 2012 regatta.

The Championships, Wimbledon

Keith Prowse provide hospitality within the aptly named Gatsby Club at the annual Wimbledon Championships.

With a 600 person capacity, Albert Roux OBE as the head-chef and a prime location within the All England Club, the Gatsby Club is the epitome of summer luxury.

Unsurprisingly, guests attend to network, relax, and enjoy the tennis and premium hospitality. As a trusted partner, Keith Prowse approached Eight Ray to see what the agency could add to The Gatsby Club.

Eight Ray were keen add their own unique twist to proceedings and the team’s first decision, to add to the premium feel of the enclosure by swapping the sound system for a DJ, proved to be a success.

The thought process behind this was to afford a visual aesthetic and a skilled entertainer to provide the contemporary music.

This added to the allure of the Gatsby Club as an exclusive venue and the DJ was complemented, intermittently, by a roaming saxophonist and a violinist.

Roaming from the restaurant to the DJ booth, gave the music an interactive yet unobtrusive appeal that proved extremely popular with guests.


Keith Prowse’s enclosure at Cheltenham differed from their presence at Wimbledon. Instead of background music, Keith Prowse decided that Cheltenham would require a more party-like atmosphere, without becoming overbearing.

Keith Prowse wished to use an Irish folk band. The team felt that this band selection would not achieve Keith Prowse’s aim as effectively as required. Thus they worked to source the optimum band to meet the brief and decided to suggest a more upbeat duo: The Revue Duo.

Keith Prowse were sceptical, they felt the band’s use of a Cajon (a box-drum) would be too ‘in your face’ for their guests.

Believing the band to be the right fit, Eight Ray reached a compromise, the musician in question could also play the bass- which would not prove as intrusive as the Cajon.

Yet again this collaboration between Keith Prowse’s expert event planners and Eight Ray Music’s team was successful, with The Revue Duo proving extremely popular amongst guests.

Going Forward

Such successes have helped to foster a trust and respect between both companies and has led to a positive and fruitful relationship.

With Eight Ray Music continually meeting and surpassing each brief they are provided with, this looks set to continue.

Going forward, Eight Ray Music and Keith Prowse are already in discussion regarding expanding the former’s supply of live music to corporate events.

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