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With 67 offices worldwide, Quintessentially are one of the largest concierge companies in the world and Eight Ray Music are extremely proud to be one of their preferred suppliers.

Eight Ray Music first came to Quintessentially’s attention during a showcase at Hampshire’s Four Seasons hotel. With an eclectic sample of Eight Ray’s roster on display that day, Quintessentially felt the agency were well equipped to provide the music for a forthcoming wedding atelier they were planning.

This proved to be the case. Held at London’s Somerset House, Eight Ray provided a variety of acts that suited the brief for Quintessentially’s Wedding Atelier.

The brief that day was to provide funky and upbeat acts that wouldn’t be too intrusive. The bands were to be placed throughout the building and provide backing to a catwalk show.

Based on the brief, Eight Ray’s Quintessentially account manager, Tom Sandall, chose a selection of roaming bands, an acoustic act and a duo. These acts included the Roaming Revue, an acoustic version of Groove Sonix, Ikon and a Jamie Bruce duo.

Quintessentially’s feedback from the event was that they were impressed with the music, Eight Ray’s organisation and the service in general.

They were so impressed that they decided to book Eight Ray for a number of their forthcoming events, including a series of summer weddings, Quintessentially’s tenth birthday celebrations and their Autumn atelier.

The flourishing relationship has been made possible by the trust Quintessentially now have in Eight Ray Music’s expert service and their dedicated account manager.

Such trust has been built by the success of Eight Ray acts at the weddings, atelier and most recently by the superb live music entertainment provided for Quintessentially’s charity poker night at The Savoy.

With a Bond, Casino Royale-esque theme the event had a black-tie dress code. The brief was for a swing band. But not an impersonator or a karoke act. Instead the performers had to be young, fresh, cool and extremely talented.

Quintessentially were also specific on the instrumentation they required, citing the need for a double bass and trombone. Tom felt that this didn’t quite work, rather than a trombone the act would need a chordal instrument to drive it forward and so suggested using a keyboardist instead. Quintessentially chose to utilise Tom’s expertise and were thoroughly pleased with the end result.

Next up, Tom is making the provisions for Quintessentially’s Autumn Atelier at Claridges. On this event Tom has been left to his own devices, which is down to his exceptional performance thus far.

Given the hotel’s 1920’s and 1930’s vibe, Tom has elected for Lee Coleman. Lee will be singing modern songs in a cool 20’s and 30’s style, he will be suitably styled to be evocative of the period too. Tom believes this will be perfect for the event.

Having built a great relationship with Quintessentially and a unique awareness of their needs and the standards required by such a high-end brand, Tom is perfectly placed to meet their needs going forward.

The relationship with Quintessentially has also allowed Eight Ray to build partnerships with many other prestigious brands including Bruce Russell, Top Hat, Lavender Green and The Savoy; where the agency are the preferred supplier.

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