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Rewind Festival

The Rewind Festival is Britain’s premier 1980’s inspired festival. Now a national franchise, the original Henley location is now accompanied by events in Cheshire and Perth, Scotland.

Having worked with the festival since its inception eight years ago, Eight Ray is extremely proud of its association with Rewind which has allowed the agency to grow as the festival has.

Eight years ago, Eight Ray Music didn’t actually exist, but the agency’s founder, JJ, obtained a gig alongside current ERM performer Jamie Bruce for the festival’s opening year.

The duo played the first year in a small gazebo, with their own PA and were still able to create a good enough vibe to catch Rewind Festival founder David Hartfield’s eye.

With a good relationship with David and his team, Rewind upgraded the performers to the corner of the beer tent for the festival’s second year; with solo artists and duos such as Stevie Jones, JJ and Jamie Bruce playing for the weekend.

With a similar structure the following year, it was the fourth year that saw the creation of Eight Ray Music and with it came suggestions as to how to improve Rewind’s Big Top Tent.

Impressed with the service so far, David was open to the newly founded agency’s suggestions and in that very year, Eight Ray were entrusted with a bigger budget, stage and production values in general.

Now the agency were providing three, four and five piece bands in place of the duos and solo artists of previous years. With this progression, the stage moved from the corner to the centrepiece of the Big Top Tent.

On the Friday night, this is especially important as there is no act performing on the main stage. Instead, the big top tent is the main attraction for festival campers and Eight Ray acts have become renowned for creating a brilliant atmosphere within the tent.

Such has been the success of Eight Ray’s presence within the Big Top Tent that the agency has been entrusted with programming the majority of the Riverside Stage too.

The development has been impressive, from a duo performing in a small gazebo on the fesitval’s fringe and the corner of a beer tent to programming the majority of the acts for both the Big Top Tent and the Riverside stage.

For this progression to be possible, the healthy relationship between David, JJ and their respective teams has been invaluable.

David’s trust and guidance has proven pivotal to Eight Ray’s development and his belief in the agency is evidenced by his willingness to provide the agency with access to his high profile ’80s acts.

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