4 Ways To Deliver Unstoppable Inclusive Events

Curating the perfect event in 2018 is all about culture, from ensuring your guests feel excited and entertained, to stepping outside the box and providing unforgettable experiences. But with the New Year fast approaching, the events industry is working harder than ever to promote inclusion, reach bigger audiences and with the help of technology, drive forward into uncharted territory.


Though we can’t create an event that ticks every box, and not every event will be everyone’s cup of tea, try taking a step outside your own ideals and look for something that will push your comfort zone when it comes to event planning. Whether it’s a new or undiscovered venue, a variation on traditional catering or show stopping entertainment.


When it comes to attending an event, we as a society are emotionally driven. Whether it’s following a crowd, looking for something aligned with our own interests, or simply through fear of missing out, choosing whether or not to attend an event is often a collective cultural decision.

Ensuring your guests feel drawn to your event comes down to relatability. Whether they’re drawn to the music, the culture, the food or even the company behind the event, providing your audience with an element of relatability is key to curating an inclusive event.


A great way to make sure your audience feel catered for is simply asking them what they’d like to see more of! Once you’ve established your game plan, communicate this through social networks, digital platforms and word of mouth, to guarantee your guests know what to expect. Don’t be afraid to over promise and underdeliver when it comes to creativity, if your audience are engaged with your planning, that will carry through to the event itself.

Jo Bligh – a curator, producer and Artistic Director of Thorny, recently posted a call-out on social media to ask what they can do to make our events more inclusive to non-drinkers. Many tee-total attendees responded with a range of suggestions, including some trivial changes which they made immediately – and at little or no cost.

Exploring the Unknown

Whilst traditionally events have been limited by geography and capacity, with the use of technology event planning has stepped up a level in terms of inclusivity. If you can’t reach your entire audience in one event, think about live streaming or creating a space for guests to dial in and take part. If this seems out of reach, start on social media and encourage those that can’t attend to engage in other ways. The possibilities for inclusion are endless!

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