6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Corporate Entertainment

Though we’ve all enjoyed the British heatwave, it’s no lie that the corporate events season is fast approaching. Make sure you’re prepared when it comes to engaging and interactive entertainment, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a well-deserved break!

1. Options

At the 2018 ECIS Leadership Conference in Berlin, delegates had the option to choose between a civilised room of civilised conversation and heavenly melodies, or what was quickly termed the ‘fun room’, with a live band and endless frivolities!

If your event is set to attract a mixture of personalities, from young and quirky, to mature and classy, consider offering more than one option for your evening entertainment. A good entertainment agency will have a range of stand-out artists, set to bring the perfect balance to your event.

There is such a thing as having your cake and eating it too!

2. Reliability

Picture this, you’ve booked a band, you’ve told your guests they’re coming, and as per sod’s law the lead singer isn’t feeling very well. How do we minimise risk and avoid the gamble of losing our stand-out act of the evening? When choosing your entertainment, make sure to ask about ‘deps’. A professional agency will ensure each performer has a deputised musician, ready to plug-in and play at an exceptional standard. Don’t leave yourself short, make sure to check on deps!

3. Production

Standout entertainment should be more than just music. Make sure to ask about the finer details, to deliver the overall experience your delegates expect. Remember that 81% of businesses use in-person events in their B2B marketing strategy (Content Marketing Institute, 2016), so you’ve got to stand out to be heard! Lighting, style and backing tracks are all things to discuss when booking your corporate entertainment.

4. The Personal Touch

It’s the little things that make you stand out, so make sure to ask how your entertainment can bring a personal touch to your event. Trade shows and conferences are one of the top-3 sources buyers turn to when researching a vendor’s products and services, so make sure you align your entertainment with your brand values (Marketing Charts, 2015).

Try changing up some lyrics or adding personalisation to their attire. Give your delegates a once in a lift time experience with their own private show.

5. Engagement

Engagement, involvement and participation are buzz words when it comes to events, but how to we make sure these reach each and every element of the day? Make sure your investment in entertainment pays off and has your guests on the edge of their seat (or even better, jumping for joy!).

Push the boat out and try something new – a roaming sax? electric violins? A cheesy 80’s cover band?

6. Collaboration

A premium entertainment agency will undoubtedly have a range of world-class partners to assist when it comes to planning your event. From venues to catering, the events industry is a close-knit community of businesses ready to get stuck in!

In 2018, the UK Conference and Meetings Survey found that 40% of corporate events were organised by a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) or Events Agency. If you’re stuck for ideas, or simply want to reduce the hassle, why not check out one of our corporate partners?

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