Devine Bride – Interviewing The Award-Winning Wedding Blogger

Devine Bride is an award-winning wedding blog founded by Laura Devine. In this interview, Eight Ray Music gets to grips with Laura’s success and her top advice for brides getting married in 2017.

Laura Devine started her blog – Devine Bride – as a creative outlet during the planning of her own wedding. Yet to her surprise, the blog became so popular with friends and family she had little choice but to continue blogging once the experience was over.

Now, she splits her time between wedding planning and blogging on Devine Bride, helping many brides achieve a dream day through astute guidance.

It’s safe to say we’re big fans of Devine Bride. It’s a beautiful blog, from the witty and actionable articles Laura produces right through to the aesthetic layout of the site.

We’re not alone in thinking Devine Bride is pretty special. Last year Laura was rewarded for her hard work after winning the ‘Rising Star’ award at the 2016 Wedding Blog Awards.

This year, she’ll also be joining the Eight Ray Music team at the UK Blog Awards, as she seeks to win the Individual category for Best Wedding & Events Blogger.

We imagine it won’t be long until the Devine Bride blog is one of the most renowned wedding blogs around, so we’re ecstatic to have had the opportunity to gain some insight into what makes the blog so special.

Read on to find out how more about Laura and Devine Bride. From Laura’s inspirations, favourite wedding venues and advice for brides right through to what the future holds for her exceptional blog.

“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.”- Anne Hathaway via Devine Bride

How did you become a wedding planner & blogger?

As a total cliché, I started my business while planning my own wedding!  I started my blog as a creative outlet during my own wedding journey, and as my blog grew, more and more people started asking me to help with their weddings.

I realised I was better at it than my 9-5, and that I got so much joy from making other people happy (which I definitely didn’t get in my old job).  It became my dream to help people plan their weddings in a more flexible way as a Wedding Tasker by offering pick and mix planning, coordination, and stationery.

Interview with award winning wedding blogger Laura Devine of Devine Bride

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everything around me and, actually, usually not the wedding industry.  I look at current trends in London and Glasgow (my two home cities), from fonts to food.  Instagram is also great for keeping your finger on the pulse – locally, nationally, and internationally.  Other blogs are a big inspiration too, which is why I started my own!

What do you enjoy most about the job?

Ultimately, it’s all about making people happy – and I love that.

I enjoy the organisational part as much as the creative part.  It’s about delivering the full package and I feel privileged to be part of that with my clients, on a personal level.

A client is not just a customer for me, it’s someone who has entrusted me with one of the most intimate and special moments in their life, that will in turn produce memories to last a lifetime.  Whether it be a hen do, wedding, honeymoon, or party. I do this because I love it, so every event I plan, I plan as if it is my own.  No matter how big or small my part is.

Laura Devine of Devine Bride getting married

You recently won the Rising Star award at the Wedding Blog Awards. Has this had an impact on the blog or your work?

Absolutely!  Personally, it’s given me more confidence.  Professionally, it’s been the start of a small snowball that means people now want to work with me rather than it being the other way around.  The award has elevated me somewhat as people in the industry now know my name, it’s been very flattering and I’m very grateful.  I am absolutely loving it and I’m very excited about the people I’m working with at the moment and the future of Devine Bride.

Laura Devine from Devine Bride wedding blog shares a picture of her wedding stationary

You focus on London, do you have any favourite venues for weddings?

My own wedding venues will always hold a place in my heart, we were married at Islington Town Hall and then had a massive party at the Islington Metal Works afterwards.  I love the Town Hall for its gorgeous art deco features and circular pews, and I love the Metal Works for its urban industrial vibe.  We didn’t want anything too formal and mostly just wanted to have fun, so it really suited us.

The Asylum in Peckham has also caught my eye recently though, it’s almost a little bit spooky but it’s a blank canvas so I’d love to plan a wedding there!  I’m hoping to do a styled shoot there sometime in early 2017.

If you could plan a wedding anywhere, where it would it be?

Aside from the Asylum (above), I would love to plan a wedding at a French Chateau.  I went on a wine tour in the Saint Emilion region of Bordeaux last summer and absolutely fell in love!  I love creating themed weddings though, so I’m happy anywhere I have a brief!

Laura Devine of the Devine Bride Wedding blog's wedding

How do you recommend the use of music to complement the wedding?

Music really sets the tone of your day, it evokes and creates memories – it’s emotive in every sense.  Music can make or break a wedding, but it’s also important not to make it military or take it too seriously.  We wanted a fun, relaxed party vibe for our wedding, but we also wanted it to be personal to us.  To lighten the mood from the very beginning, I walked in to ‘Let’s Get Married’ by The Proclaimers…!  (We’re both Scottish!)  We had a family member playing acoustic guitar at our drinks reception, then we had a band (The Funk City Party Band), then a DJ later on (Discowed) into the night.

We shared playlist ideas with all three via Spotify so they could get to know our tastes and likes in advance, and made a few short lists of ‘please play’ and ‘please do not play under any circumstance’…!  We also requested that there were no slow songs whatsoever, as it can take such a long time to get the dancefloor full again afterwards.

That said, it’s not necessary to have as much entertainment as we did – we were very lucky the way things worked out.  Some carefully selected playlists can do the trick before or after your band/entertainment, but it’s important to set different moods for different parts of the day, e.g. hardcore nineties dance music doesn’t usually work that well straight after your ceremony, but come 11pm it usually works a treat for the millennial age group…!

Also, try not to get blindsided by only picking your favourite songs, consider your median age group and the music flow throughout the day.

Laura Devine of Devine Bride Wedding Blog pictured during her first dance

What advice do you have for brides currently planning their weddings?

Take the time to decide what is important to you and what will affect your day.  Music and photography was important to us, so we cut money from smaller details elsewhere and put slightly more into these aspects of our day.  We knew that music would set the tone for our day and that our photographs would be a lasting memory.

Music wise, as above, always share sample playlists or your top played songs from our phone with your entertainment.  This gives an insight into your personality and what genres you will enjoy.

Also, in general, always ask for help!  Whether it be from a family member, a wedding tasker or a wedding planner.  It’s the most special time of your life, so make sure you take the time to enjoy it!  Having an additional pair of hands, or ears, makes all the difference.  Family also want to be involved, so don’t be afraid to delegate smaller tasks.   You won’t regret it!

Laura Devine from Devine Bride wedding blog

Finally, what does the future hold for Devine Bride?

For the short term I’m working on updating my website and I have some styled shoots planned.  For the long term, I’m working on some editorial pieces with magazines and strategizing building an app to make wedding tasking as easy as possible for my clients.  I also have a few other things up my sleeve, stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter to find out more in the coming weeks!

With thanks to Laura for this wonderful interview. To find out more about her visit the Devine Bride site. If you are looking for advice of wedding music feel free to get in touch with the Eight Ray team for friendly and expert advice.

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