Discover #BeatNominate With Duke

Discover Duke’s unique hashtag, which allows you to decide which songs the talented beatbox collective will cover next.

If you’re not already then it’s time to follow Duke on social media. The boys consistently produce exciting and entertaining content that will amuse, delight and surprise and with their latest creation you can even pick what they perform next.

Search for the unique hashtag #BeatNominate on Instagram or Facebook (and follow it on the former) to inform the boys of the songs you want them to perform.

Recent requests have seen Duke provide an eclectic mix of covers from the Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic and Sean Paul’s Temperature to Sting’s Englishman In New York.

Creating their massive sound with just three voices and a guitar it’s seriously entertaining watching Duke cover one of your favourite songs, so jump on social media and request the tune you want to see Duke transform.

To give you a taster below is the Intergalactic #BeatNominate session. So check them out and then head over to your favourite platform to follow Duke and show them some love.

Follow Duke on Instagram here.

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