How To Dress For Stylish Events With Tommy DiDario

Eight Ray Music talks men’s style for luxurious spring and summer events with GQ Style Insider and Instagram sensation, Tommy Didario.

As a music agency we pride ourselves on the quality of our acts. That doesn’t just refer to talent and professionalism, our performers look the part too.

From The Revue in their three-piece suits to Coyote’s contemporary cool rock star vibe, each band has its own unique style and dresses to impress. This is highly important when entertaining discerning audiences at some of the finest events around.

Last year, the focus on fashion and high end events inspired us to write How to Dress For Classic British EventsThe article featured top fashion Editors, Abigail Cullis and Luke McCarthy, providing tips on dressing the part for the most elegant British summertime events.

While many of Luke and Abigail’s excellent style tips remain highly relevant, with our acts performing at equally prestigious events this year we felt it necessary to update the series.

Moreover, it can’t just cater to the British Calendar. After all, Eight Ray Music is proud to be providing entertainment at a number of prestigious international events this year – just take a look at March In Images!

With that in mind we wanted to make the article more global in style, so our two guest contributors have been sourced from slightly further afield. For the men’s edition, we’re extremely proud to have GQ Style Insider, fashion guru and Instagrammer, Tommy DiDario, providing his top men’s style tips.

Tommy offers some actionable and attainable tips for guys who are looking to dress well and feel good at any top events.

Read on for Tommy’s men’s style tips!

Men’s Style Tips With Tommy DiDario

It is the season of outdoor events and many guys wonder how to keep their style fresh while also looking appropriate for their outings. Below are some of my tips to keep you feeling confident in the choices you are making with your spring fashion.

Tommy Didario talks men's style with corporate entertainment agency eight ray music

Go Bright

It’s not everyday that you can wear a pastel green or pink article of clothing. For these types of events, it is all about making a statement. While the ladies have fun experimenting with big hats, the gentlemen can have their own fun playing with color.

My general rule is only choose one core item that has a color pop (unless you are doing a full suit). For example, if you are wearing a bright baby blue blazer, pair it with white or tan tailored pants or shorts. Don’t forget about the footwear – your shoes can also have a pop of color that compliments your top!

Tommy Didario talking luxurious men's fashion for high end summer events

 Find A Perfectly Tailored Shirt

Whether you are wearing a preppy polo or a crisp button down shirt, the fit can make or break your entire look. Both the Royal Regatta and Wimbledon are classy events forever documented in a series of photos where fashion is just as important as the action unfolding at the events.

Excess fabric hanging out of your pants or shorts can create unflattering silhouettes and cause wrinkling of the material. Make sure you are wearing a fitted style shirt (tucked in), even if this isn’t the usual way you wear a shirt. Since more eyes will be drawn to your ensemble because you are wearing brightly colored clothing, a tailored shirt will create clean lines to give your look a polished feel.

Don’t Underestimate Accessorizing

Sunglasses, watches, and pocket squares are all tiny touches that make impactful differences. Mirrored lensed sunglasses have been trending for a couple years now, but it’s time to take them to the next level.

Find sunglasses that have more fashion forward frames then just a matte black or brown. Tortoise shell frames paired with silver, blue or grey mirror lenses are some of my favorite types of sunglasses this season (you can find these at Ray Ban or Kapten and Son)!

Make sure you wear a bold, big-faced watch (MVMT has a solid and affordable selection), and throw a pocket square in your blazer that matches your color scheme for an extra pop.

Tommy Didario talks mens style with Eight Ray Music

Dress Up/Down Shorts and Trousers

You can absolutely wear a solid flat front short to the events, if paired properly. If you are wearing shorts, pair them with a long sleeve button down shirt, blazer, and dress shoes (like Oxfords) to create a more formal yet trendy look.

If you are wearing trousers, you can wear a polo (with a jacket still) to create a seasonally appropriate look as well. Arkwear is a brand that has bright polos with an animal of your choosing in the top left corner (perfect for an event like this because it is a conversation piece).

What’s great about this brand is that they give back 5% of all sales to the Wildlife Conservation Society so they keep you looking fresh, while you’re also doing some good.

For shorts, J-Crew has a variety of styles that read as dressy and even some prints that could be fun for events like these (just remember, if you are doing a printed short, keep the top solid to avoid clashing patterns).

Tommy Didario talks men's style and Arkwear

Follow Tommy DiDario on Instagram for more style tips and check out his blog here. To see Eight Ray Music’s stylish acts in action feel free to visit our premium acts page or contact us for friendly and expert live entertainment advice.

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