10 Reasons Evolve Events Are Taking The Corporate Market By Storm

Have you ever considered hiring an event agency, but didn’t feel quite ready to put your trust in an outsider? Lucky for you, we’ve done some digging on one of the UK’s finest events agencies, to show you the brains behind the beauty!

Anna Peters, Director at Evolve Events, explains exactly what’s kept them ahead of the game.

1. Trend tracking obsession

Well, we’re pretty obsessed with everything to do with events, possibly almost unhealthily so! We’re always talking about events and checking out the latest trends and discovering something new and exciting on Instagram so it’s hard to know whether it’s us or our client who is the most excited about hosting the event!

2. A shared passion for events

Our passion is to provide the best event that you and your guests have experienced and will work relentlessly to bring together the best elements to create a seamless event. We recognise that events can be complex; careful planning, detailed coordination and integrated management are all essential in delivering successful events.

3. A solid foundation

Evolve Events is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so we’ve been around long enough to have on hand an extensive network of quality suppliers, providing a host of premium options for venues, creative styling, entertainment and all the other bits in between! We love to work with companies like Eight Ray Music who are just as passionate about providing exciting entertainment and we love to recommend their latest musical discovery to our clients.

4. Keeping the client stress-free

We have on board a dedicated team of event professionals that can manage every aspect of an event in a seamless and stress-free manner. We are known for our complete commitment and demonstrate this through every late night and early start we deliver. People talk about the glamour of events, but you also need a team that aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up!

5. Evolving creativity

It’s important never to sit back and take creativity for granted. Events are always evolving as clients want to find new ways to be entertained. We continually search high and low for new and innovative talent, be it catering, entertainment, performance, pop ups or lifestyle experiences as we like to always have the latest and greatest ideas to offer our clients.

6. Solid team work

Part of our weekly meeting is geared towards “inspiration” where each member of the team presents and introduces an events related idea to the team. We also regularly speak to our clients about their ever-changing cultures and what drives them – this helps with idea generation and how to introduce ideas that will excite and impact.

7. Understanding the ultimate goal

Our clients embrace events as a really effective marketing tool which they can use to underpin the very essence of a brand message, and consequently boost brand values. We work with them to find ways to incorporate that messaging into the event, from the food to innovative ways using technology. For their events to create a buzz and be shared across social media they need to look good but also be media friendly, so we look for ways to make sharing easy such as fun ways to incorporate a hashtag.

8. Style, style, style

First appearances matter with events and we like to think about how to keep our guests excited. When helping our clients create a memorable event we always recommend thinking about the details. It’s the small things that often make the biggest impact and a beautiful invitation is a great way to start and these days you can let your imagination run wild; one of our favourite invitations that we sent out was iced onto gingerbread! (above)

9. Always looking ahead

At the moment we’re busy planning Christmas; it’s the busiest time for finding venues and we’ve even started menu tastings which can be a bit surreal in the heat of summer! Next year we’re looking forward to a lovely 25th wedding anniversary with celebrations taking place over a whole weekend. We’ve already sourced the venue and are working on all the bits to bring it to life and we’re looking forward to surprising guests with an indoor putting green that we’re building with real grass and hydraulic obstacles.

Music makes the party and it’s important to choose the right soundtrack to bring your event to life so to help our clients experience the bands we’re recommending we’ve worked with Eight Ray to arrange for our clients to have VIP tickets to attend a music festival to experience the bands they’ve shortlisted in the flesh, as nothing beats seeing a band live.

10. A chemistry lesson

Make sure the chemistry is right! When you’re creating an event, you start with a blank piece of paper and it takes a lot of trust to believe that a physical event can be created out of ideas and plans. You need to enjoy working with your agency and be confident that they understand your style and vision and can help you bring it to life. Ask to look at examples of other events they’ve produced to be sure they can deliver on a range of styles – they should be able to bring your vision to life rather than sell you existing themes.

Look to see how what new ideas they bring to their proposals, but ultimately make sure you get on with the team as though there are always moments of stress in events, it should always be about enjoyment; if you’re having a good time it’s a pretty good indication that everyone else will too.

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