The Revue Interview

Consistently producing scintillating performances, conducting themselves with exceptional professionalism and dressing to the nines for every occasion ensures The Revue are a seriously popular band.  

Officially ‘obsessed’ with The Revue since meeting them at Hedsor House last Summer & have been lucky enough to book them for dozens of both personal & corporate events.. our clients love them & you will too – highly recommend! –Mabrouka Events

Whether you’re lucky enough to witness them unplugged as a roaming band or as a full nine-piece showband, The Revue are renowned for producing scintillating performances for each and every gig.

The Revue have performed across the globe, from destination weddings on private beaches, at the world’s finest hotels and Tuscan Castles, to jet setting off to entertain International sports stars, Harley Davidson and Vogue Magazine to name just a few.

The band’s success isn’t just based on their exceptional talent as musicians, The Revue also bring unparalleled charisma both on and off the stage and a level of professionalism that endears them to all of their clients.

In this exclusive interview, we talk to The Revue’s Frontman, Ben Lee, to find out more about the band and what’s next for these exciting performers.

How did you form?

Eight Ray Music’s very own Tom Sandall and I  started The Revue about 6 years ago. We started out performing cover gigs as a duo with just a Guitar and a Cajon and it snowballed into what you see today. With a lot of hard work, I’d like to add.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s a solid sound, very together. Even as a duo we had this big sound which would surprise people.

How could two guys make so much noise? We’ve just kept that big sound throughout the different setups. I think it comes down to having such big characters in the band.

The sound of the band reflects the people that are in it – so it was always going to be big!

The revue played at our wedding … in Kent and absolutely smashed it. All 200 people said they were the best band they had ever heard! Thanks for making our wedding amazing, you’re absolutely fabulous you smashed it guys! –Sarah Yusuf-Watson

The Roaming Revue performing for a wedding at London's Mayfair venue Quaglino's
The Roaming Revue performing for a wedding at London's Mayfair venue Quaglino's

You have just formed The Revue Showband how does this differ from other versions of the band and why should people book you?

The showband is different in the fact that it’s bigger and specifically designed as a show. So there’s room to be a little bit clever with the way we play the songs, especially as we’ve got a horn section, keys and percussion.

It’s FUN on a much bigger scale! Also, I get to put my guitar down and really enjoy being the frontman. I love getting involved with the audience whether, for Solo, duo, 4 or 5 piece gigs – its all the same to me, they’re all as important as each other.

So the difference with the showband is that there’s bigger production, bigger sound, bigger songs, lights and I have a bigger stage to move around on, so more room to show off!!

Most importantly, the showband has still got the signature Revue style. We aim to be relentless and to keep the party going.

What’s been your favourite gig to play?

We’ve had a few. Personally, the wedding we did in Ibiza was one of my favourites. Performing for Rewind Festival in the Big Top as a duo was another highlight.

Then there was the wedding just outside of Pisa, the Bride and Groom requested that we join in the festivities after our performance.

I drank Champagne out of a high heel at that one, believing that it had been supplied by the venue because all the guests were doing it and it was a wedding ‘thing’.

It actually turned out to be someones high heel that was left by the bar. I was tasting foot for the next two days after that!

The thing is, we’ve always got on with our clients and they want us to get involved especially at weddings, corporates are a different thing. Always assess the situation first is my advice on that one.

The Revue Corporate Entertainment Band featured in The Sunday Times
Praise for The Revue in The Sunday Times following a gig for The Hawn Foundation at Annabel's, Mayfair

Who are your inspirations?

We’re inspired by so many bands so I won’t reel them off. Within The Revue I would say that we’re inspired by bands that put on a great show and entertain but you can feel the passion in their performance. My belief is that you need to be a passionate entertainer for people to connect to you. Sounds corny I know but in my experience, that’s how you grab your audience.

If you could play any venue where would it be and why?

The Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden. They are my dream venues. Just because of the musical history in both.

The Revue at Borgo Pignano, Italy. Entertaining a Wedding
The Revue at Borgo Pignano, Italy.

If you could have a guest musician join The Revue who would it be and why?

Alive? Bruno Mars because he’s the best singer and performer of our generation and he seems like a lad. Dead- John Lennon and Ray Charles because they’re both my idols.

The Revue performing the charleston at Hedsor House
The Revue at Hedsor House

Anything you’re particularly looking forward to?

Pushing forward and seeing what tomorrow brings really. I’m very fortunate to be in my position and I’m really grateful so I’m just soaking it all in and enjoying it.

The Revue were recommended to me by a close friend, and after watching their Facebook and Instagram videos I knew that they were a must for our Wedding this December. We had the two-piece acoustic during the drinks reception and four-piece plugged acoustic in the evening. Our venue was very particular about noise levels however the band were absolutely amazing and extremely accommodating. Their array of songs is electric and The Revue created a fantastic the party atmosphere and vibe among your guests. Our entire wedding party complimented us on the band and we cannot recommend these guys enough. – Katy Michaelides

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