Rewind Festival 2017 In Review

Eight Ray Music is proud to provide entertainment to the fabulous eighties-inspired Rewind Festival. Here’s a recap of this year’s fantastic festivals which took place across the UK.

Nearly ten years ago, before Eight Ray Music even existed, the company’s Founder, JJ, was performing at Rewind Festival.

The stage for that very first festival was modest, to say the least. With JJ joined by singer Jamie Bruce in a gazebo to play cover songs.

As anyone reading this will know, Rewind Festival has grown immeasurably since its humble beginnings and with that growth, Eight Ray Music’s remit has also increased exponentially.

Since its inception in Henley-on-Thames, Rewind Festival has successfully expanded and now hosts further festivals in Cheshire and Scotland.

Eight Ray Music provides exceptional bands for two stages at each of these festivals. With the agency’s bands and DJs performing in The Big Top Tent and the Riverside Stage.

Each year, Eight Ray’s musicians draw capacity crowds to the two venues, regardless of who’s on the main stage. This year was no different and, with an eclectic array of the agency’s roster performing, one thing that remained consistent was the packed audience dancing to each act.

It’s always a privilege to perform and attend Rewind Festival. It’s a larger than life event, with plenty of fancy dress-clad attendees making it a colourful celebration of the eighties!

In celebration of this year’s fantastic festivals in Henley, Cheshire and Scotland, we’ve put together this recap of Rewind Festival. It features the best images of our supremely talented artists!


Bloc Off The Wall

Led by the supremely talented Adam Isaac, Bloc Off The Wall performed at every Rewind Festival this year.

As ever, the band’s seamless covers of an eclectic variety of songs in a rock ‘n’ roll style drew the crowds in.

JG Collective

JG Collective frontman and Eight Ray Music Founder, JJ, was there the first time the agency partnered with Rewind Festival and every year since he has returned to rock the event.

This year was no different, just check out the pictures below.

DJ Jamie Taylor

DJ Jamie Taylor is a Rewind Festival favourite and he returned to the decks this year to entertain the crowd.

Baller Sounds

The Baller Sounds DJ collective were in fine form for Rewind Festival, we love these shots of the boys in action!

Georgia Michel

Georgia Michel made her first Rewind Festival appearance in the Big Top Tent at this year’s Henley-based event!

Georgia Michel at Rewind Festival Henley 2017

Bubba Tubbs

Bubba Tubbs rocked the Riverside Stage with an impressive performance!

Bubba Tubbs at Rewind Festival 2017

Lawrence Hill

Another artist on the Riverside Stage at the Henley incarnation of Rewind Festival was the talented Lawrence Hill!

Lawrence Hill performing at Rewind Festival 2017


The awesome party band Coyote returned to Rewind Festival once again this year and, as ever, they rocked everyone’s socks off!

Coyote at Rewind Festival 2017

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