‘Unlock the 18th Century’ With Zafferano

Event professionals ventured to Somerset House for a stunning ‘Unlock the 18th Century’ themed party courtesy of Zafferano recently, with Okiem providing the entertainment.

Underneath the Fountain Court at Somerset House lies one of London’s hidden gems, the Deadhouse. A crypt-like space thanks to its subterranean setting, exposed brick walls and rustic décor, the Deadhouse offers a truly atmospheric venue for events.

In a city filled with buildings of cultural and historic importance, few do a better job at transporting visitors back in time than the Deadhouse and so it was for Zafferano’s recent ‘Unlock the 18th Century’ party, which saw the award-winning caterer pull together a number of exceptional suppliers to craft a truly memorable event.

Among them was Fisher Productions, who placed huge gilt picture frames in-front of the busy chefs to create a scene evocative of 18-century still life paintings. In the frame, the chefs were far from still, creating all manner of delicacies for guests including shucked native oysters and hand-carved gin smoked salmon served with potato drop scones and gooseberry compote.

A three course banquet followed, with guests moved through the Deadhouse’s winding corridors to a ‘candle encrusted, zinc topped’ banquet table where they feasted upon traditional English fare with contemporary twists including sumptuous ‘potted mackerel, soused beetroot, apple salad and Herdwick lamb pie.’

The dessert that followed was the epitome of grandeur, with guests departing the banqueting table to visit the parlour where towering Croquembouche, macaron pyramids, golden opera cakes, freshly baked madeleines and Champagne gold leaf jellies, awaited them in a dazzling display.

This culinary journey was complemented by a sublime performance from Okiem. The composer and pianist, whose ‘cinematic classical’ is truly moving to witness, performed in a quartet providing entertainment that perfectly complemented the intricacy of the event.

A huge thank you to Zafferano! The photographs in this article were courtesy of the highly talented Stephanie Wolff.


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