Watch Duke @ Henley Royal Regatta For #SoundsPurple

Just three voices and a guitar combine to make Duke’s awesome sound. Here, the band perform for Eight Ray Music’s #SoundsPurple sessions at last year’s Henley Royal Regatta.

We’re getting excited for summer here at Eight Ray Music and all the wonderful summer events of 2017. One such event is the Monaco Grand Prix, where some of our highly talented acts will be performing at the end of May.

A couple of weeks ago we shared our summer style guide for 2017 in association with GQ Style Insider, Tommy Didario, and soon we’ll be releasing our ladies guide with a very special fashionista indeed. Hopefully, it will help you feel confident when attending the most luxurious events. Because you will be armed with the latest and greatest fashion knowledge.

All that’s left is to get you in the mood to party. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing better than partying on a superyacht at Monaco or riverside at Henley Royal Regatta whilst listening to great live music entertainment.

Last year, we launched our ‘live lounge’ style #SoundsPurple sessions at our Henley Royal Regatta event and we had some of the finest musicians around entertaining our guests.

One of those acts was Duke.

Duke were so popular that people in the venues surrounding our event in the Steve Redgrave enclosure were actually listening through the fence and dancing along. We filmed that performance and below is the first snippet from the band’s barnstorming set. It was pretty epic and you can see why with their performance of Perfect Gentleman below.

Their sound is created using just three voices and a guitar, if you don’t believe us check out the second video where the guys demonstrate just how it’s done!

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Watch DUKE Perform Perfect Gentleman For #SoundsPurple

How DUKE create their unique sound

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